Noba Premium

This is for you who want to get control of your ailments once and for all. The subscription cost starts at $7.5 per month, and you automatically get a 7-day free trial period.

With Noba Premium, you will get access to a number of tools in Noba that make life with IBS easier. Among other things:

⭐️ Unlimited use of the scanner ⭐️

Scan as many products as you want without any restrictions.

🥑🍎 Option to set a personal FODMAP filter based on own tolerances

If you know which FODMAP groups you tolerate, you will be able to get a lot more out of Noba here. You will receive personalized product lists showing what you can eat, based on your FODMAP preferences. Furthermore, the product page will also be adapted to your tolerances.

Spis variert med tilpassede filter
If, for example, you tolerate sorbitol and fructose, all products and lists can be adjusted based on this. In the picture, a product is rated as high FODMAP, but your personal tolerance means that you can eat the product.

📈 Visualization of own logs

Se sammenhengermed IBS-dagbok i Noba

The visualization will also be a useful tool when reintroducing different FODMAP groups. NB: Everyone will have access to log symptoms after 26 January, but only those with Noba Premium will be able to see the graphic overview.

📱 Unlimited use of favorite lists

When Noba Premium is launched, only those with a subscription will have unlimited access to favorite lists. Those who do not have a subscription will be able to continue using these functions, but not unlimited.

🧡 Sort lists by popularity

Product lists are sorted alphabetically, but with Noba Premium you can sort by popularity and last added. Noba currently contains over 30,000 products, and this will therefore be a useful tool for finding relevant products in various categories.

Sorter produktlister ut fra popularitet


Noba Premium is launched to finance further operation and development of the app. The income will be used, among other things, to pay clinical nutritionists so that we can continue to deliver a safe and helpful tool. Our aim is to make everyday life with IBS as problem-free as possible, and with Noba Premium we can continue this work.